A key component of services offered to WECA  member cooperatives is the wide variety of educational programming designed to help co-op employees and elected directors better meet their responsibilities.
The need for a comprehensive education program addressing a wide variety of issues is driven by the unique business model of a cooperative: It's an organization formed for the purpose of providing specific goods or services to its members at a price as close as possible to the cost of service, and guided in its business decisions by the members, all of whom have a vote in electing their board.
It's to be expected that relatively few people will enter co-op employment or an elected directorship with a full understanding of all the legal responsibilities or duties to the membership that are specific to the unique cooperative way of doing business. That's why even long-serving directors and employees continue to benefit from educational programs offered by WECA and the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, and covering a multitude of issue areas pertinent to operating successfully in a changing business environment.

Jan. 11 The Evolution of the Electric Cooperative Power Supply (BLC)
Jan. 11 Co-op Law Changes (Other)
Jan. 12 Maximizing Your Grassroots Strategy (BLC)
Jan. 22–26 Critical Issues and Communication Skills for All Employees (Other)

Feb. 14–15 WECA Education & Lobby Days (Other)           
Feb. 20–21 Retirement Planning Seminar (Other)

March 6 Stepping Into Your Supervisory Role: Learning to Lead (SMDP)
March 7 Change is Hard: Guiding Your Team Through Complex Times (SMDP)
March 20  Understanding Credit Issues and Collections (Other)
March 21–22  Bills, Bucks, and Business (Other)

April 3 Legal Seminar for Directors & Employees (Other)
April 4 Harnessing the Power of Effective Communications (Other)

May 1 Director Duties & Liabilities (CCD)
May 2 Board Operations and Process (CCD)
May 8 Employment Law Update (Other)
May 8–9 HR Professionals Workshop (Other)

August 1 Ethics & Governance: Implementing the New Accountability (BLC)
August 2 Energy Issues Summit (Other)
August 22–23 *Electric Communicator’s Workshop (Other)
*To be held in conjunction with the Wisconsin REC Member
Services Association Annual Meeting.

September 11 Cooperative Finance & Accounting for the Non-Accountant (MEC)
September 12 Everyone Communicates; Few Connect (SMDP)

October 3     Capital Credits: Issues and Decisions (BLC)
October 4 New Employee Orientation Workshop (Other)
October 17–18   Financial Decision-Making (CCD)

December 4 Building Your Co-op’s Culture: The Supervisor’s Role (SMDP)
December 5 Know the Rules: Legal Responsibilities and Liabilities for Supervisors (SMDP)


Associate Membership

Associate membership in the Wisconsin Electric Cooperative Association provides a continuing opportunity for providers of goods, services, materials, and equipment to build and maintain networking contacts with Wisconsin's electric co-ops and others with interests and needs related to all aspects of the electric power industry.

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