Prevent Deadly Shocks—Check Your Boats And Docks

Two fatal accidents over the weekend involved swimming and electric shock. Remember, electricity can leak into lakes, etc. from docks with electric service and boats plugged into shore power. Learn about electric shock drowning, and the importance of maintenance and safety equipment and what to do if you’re  in the water and feel a shock. 


4-16-12-kiteHave a great, safe summer

Time for outdoor activities and making memories of summer fun. During June, National Safety Month, take note of surroundings outside, including overhead power lines and electric service connection to the home. Make sure everyone, including kids, knows how to keep summer fun safe!

Most lightning fatalities happen June through August

Fishing and water-related activities account for most, and among sports activities, soccer has seen the greatest number of deaths. Make sure your game plan includes safe actions when severe weather strikes. 

swimmingpoolSummer swimming safety

Whether it’s swimming, boating or fishing, summertime is water recreation time for millions; avoid electrical hazards during water recreation. Electricity is essential energy—it keeps us cool in the summer, lights our house, keeps the refrigerator cold, and runs the TV, stereo and computers. But electricity also can be dangerous. If you own a pool or dock with electric equipment, have it checked by a professional each year, and know how to protect against Electric Shock Drowning (ESD).

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