The highest-priority activities of WECA entail advocacy on behalf of its member cooperatives in legislative, regulatory, and other public policy forums at every level. This advocacy is conducted through direct lobbying of elected officials, through testimony in legislative and regulatory hearings, through co-op publications and the general print and broadcast media, and through informational presentations to co-op directors, employees, and members, to better equip them to pursue their own advocacy efforts. Consistently through the years, the WECA membership has made clear that it assigns the highest importance to this service provided by its statewide staff.


There are several interactive maps available to determine who represents you in Congress and the Wisconsin Legislature.

On the legislative district map website, in the upper right corner, you can toggle the different overlays of co-op areas, senate, and assembly maps to find which is in your area.

On the Wisconsin State Legislature’s website, just fill in your address and zip code or your municipality in the upper right corner, and you will get immediate information on your state representative and state senator.






Associate Membership

Associate membership in the Wisconsin Electric Cooperative Association provides a continuing opportunity for providers of goods, services, materials, and equipment to build and maintain networking contacts with Wisconsin's electric co-ops and others with interests and needs related to all aspects of the electric power industry.

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