A key component of services offered to WECA  member cooperatives is the wide variety of educational programming designed to help co-op employees and elected directors better meet their responsibilities.
The need for a comprehensive education program addressing a wide variety of issues is driven by the unique business model of a cooperative: It's an organization formed for the purpose of providing specific goods or services to its members at a price as close as possible to the cost of service, and guided in its business decisions by the members, all of whom have a vote in electing their board.
It's to be expected that relatively few people will enter co-op employment or an elected directorship with a full understanding of all the legal responsibilities or duties to the membership that are specific to the unique cooperative way of doing business. That's why even long-serving directors and employees continue to benefit from educational programs offered by WECA and the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, and covering a multitude of issue areas pertinent to operating successfully in a changing business environment.

January 6–7 The Evolution of Electric Co-op Power Supply webinar (BLC)
January 14 Finance Webinar: Managing the Finances of Your Organization
January 19–20 Communicating the New Energy Landscape webinar (BLC)
January 21–22 Communicating the New Energy Landscape webinar (BLC)

February 2–3  Understanding the Electric Business webinar (CCD)
February 10–11 Electric Industry Updates webinar series (Other)
February 17 Finance Webinar: Cash Flow

March 9–10 Creating a Culture of Accountability webinar (CCEP)
March 16–17 Strategic Planning webinar (CCD)
March 17 Finance Webinar: Work Plan Oversight
March 22 Work Orders Operations & Field Staff webinar (Other)
March 24 & 26 Credit & Collections (incl. COVID-19 Challenges) webinar (Other)

April 6 When Sparks Fly: Transforming Conflict webinar (CCEP)
April 14 Retirement Planning Seminar webinar (Other)
April 20 Finance Webinar: Capital & Long-Term Planning

May 11 Employment Law Update (Other)
May 11–12 HR Professionals Workshop (Other)
May 18 Finance Webinar: Investments

June 22 Finance Webinar: Financial Metrics
June 23 Legal Seminar for Directors & Employees (Other)

August 3  Risk Oversight: The Board's Role in Risk Management (BLC)
August 4 Energy Issues Summit (Other)
August 24–25 Electric Communicator’s Workshop* (Other)
*To be held in conjunction with the Wisconsin REC
Member Services Association Annual Meeting

September 22 Finance Webinar: Other Important CFO Duties

October 5 Know the Rules: Legal Responsibilities and Liabilities for Supervisors (SMDP)
October 6 Technology Planning & Decision-Making: Enhancing the Core Competencies
Across the Cooperative Organization (CCEP)
October 12 Cooperative Structure: A Strategic Advantage (BLC)
October 13 Rate Making Strategies and Policy Decisions for Electric Cooperative
Boards (BLC)
October 14 Finance Webinar: Cost of Service Study and Rate Design

December 8 Stepping Into Your Supervisory Role: Learning to Lead (SMDP)
December 9 You Can’t Do It Alone: Building a Strong Team (SMDP)
December 2 Transforming Your Team from Dysfunction to Cohesion (SMDP)
December 3 Deliberate Decision-Making (SMDP)
December 14 Finance Webinar: Time Value of Money



Associate Membership

Associate membership in the Wisconsin Electric Cooperative Association provides a continuing opportunity for providers of goods, services, materials, and equipment to build and maintain networking contacts with Wisconsin's electric co-ops and others with interests and needs related to all aspects of the electric power industry.

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