Wisconsin’s electric cooperatives are required to collect assessments from their members to promote or implement energy efficiency or conservation measures. Electric cooperatives either participate in the Focus On Energy program or implement their own Commitment-to-Community programs.

There are 13 electric cooperatives that operate their own Commitment-to-Community program. Assessments are used for load management programs and in some cases, incentives to promote energy efficiency and conservation programs are designed by each respective cooperative. For program details, please contact your local electric cooperative.

Electric cooperatives that offer Commitment-to-Community programs include:

Bayfield Electric Cooperative
St. Croix Electric Cooperative
Jackson Electric Cooperative

If your residence or business is in Wisconsin and your electricity is provided by a Wisconsin electric cooperative that isn’t listed above as a Commitment-to-Community cooperative, then your electric cooperative participates in the Focus On EnergySM program. Your cooperative may also offer other energy efficiency incentives. Contact your local electric cooperative for more information.
Focus On EnergySM provides information, resources, and financial incentives for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects based on programs that are generally approved by state regulators.

Associate Membership

Associate membership in the Wisconsin Electric Cooperative Association provides a continuing opportunity for providers of goods, services, materials, and equipment to build and maintain networking contacts with Wisconsin's electric co-ops and others with interests and needs related to all aspects of the electric power industry.

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