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Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Communicating to Influence AND Improve Your Relationships (CCEP)

Start Date: 10/18/2023 9:00 AM CDT
End Date: 10/18/2023 4:00 PM CDT

Venue Name: Holiday Inn South

4751 Owen Ayers Ct
Eau Claire, WI  United States  54701

Organization Name: Wisconsin Electric Cooperative Association

Wendy Fassbind
Email: wendy@weca.coop
Phone: (608) 467-4589

Holiday Inn South
4751 Owen Ayres Court
Eau Claire, WI 54701
(715) 830-9889
Room Block Name:  WECA
Room Cut-Off:  Friday, September 15
Rate: $124/night + tax
Room Block Link:  https://bit.ly/2023EAU-HI

NOTE: Both 5306.05 AND 5307.05 will be held on the same day. Course 5306.05 will be held in the morning and 5307.05 will be held in the afternoon. We are offering this "package" deal as a 1-day training for 1-3/4 credits. We are not allowing this as an a la cart option of separate morning or afternoon program registrations.
Morning Session
Communicating to Influence: Gain Support that Gets Results (CCEP #5306.05)

1-3/4 Skill Builder Credits for both programs

Do you ever wonder if others actually hear what you’re saying? Do your suggestions seem ignored, or do others just not seem to get your ideas? The ability to influence others to act is a critical but difficult skill to master—especially when you have no authority over others, such as customers, co-workers and management. How can you inspire action when the only tool you have is communication? No matter your current position or role, you can gain buy-in and influence opinions through communication. Join this half-day course to learn how, making your contributions, skills and value impossible to ignore.

Learning objectives:
  • Understand how to appeal to various individuals, groups, or situations.
  • Know when to adapt your approach, tone or body language.
  • Influence others using message management techniques and communication channels.
  • Gain support for your ideas regarding improvement and innovation.
  • Build credibility and make a greater impact within your organization
Key Topics:
  • Communication Styles
  • Social and Self-Awareness
  • Professional Presence
  • Message Management
  • Connecting with Others
  • Trust and Rapport Building

Afternoon Session
Improve Your Relationships: Strategies to Overcome Challenging Behavior and People (CCEP #5307.05)

At every organization there are people whose behavior, attitude, work habits, or other characteristics present an occasional challenge for those around them. You may even feel there is no way you can deal with them because some people are just difficult—or are they? Often, our immediate response is to shrink or sulk, become defensive or attack, but there are smarter moves to make when attempting to overcome challenging people and their behaviors.

This program will help you realize the similarities and differences between yourself and others and how this creates a perception of “difficulty." Tips and tools will be presented to help you understand how to effectively work with anyone—especially those that push your buttons!

Learning objectives:
  • Spot people you perceive to be difficult and understand why.
  • Understand ways in which communication may be the cause of difficulty in working relationships.
  • Be assertive without being aggressive or jeopardizing your values.
  • Mitigate your frustration to avoid making a difficult situation worse.
  • Stop trouble from escalating using proven techniques.
  • Learn strategies for handling situations when your buttons get pushed.
Key Topics:
  • Situational Awareness
  • Personalities and Behavioral Styles
  • Relationship Management
  • Cognitive Biases

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