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Monday, January 20, 2020

Board Chair/Vice Chair Roundtables

Start Date: 1/20/2020 1:00 PM CST
End Date: 1/20/2020 2:30 PM CST

Venue Name: Web/Video Conference

WI  United States 

Organization Name: Wisconsin Electric Cooperative Association

Wendy Fassbind
Email: wendy@weca.coop
Phone: (608) 467-4589

Board Chair/Vice Chair Roundtables: Aligning Expectations

When a new CEO assumes general management of a cooperative, or when a new Board Chair is selected to serve by their peers, an alignment of expectations between the CEO and the Board Chair is critical, in what each person will fulfill in their working relationship. In this MAC-Ed/LEARN.coop WECA Board Chair Roundtable, each participant will interact ONLINE to:
  • Complete a SURVEY OF EXPECTATIONS (considering various roles, responsibilities and expectations that a board chair may desire from the CEO)
  • Consider 3 SCENARIOS (1) How a new Board Chair might seek to align expectations with an experienced CEO, (2) How a new CEO might seek to align expectations with an experienced Board Chair, and (3) How a new CEO and a new Board Chair might approach sharing what their expectations are, and how to facilitate discussions which lead to an alignment of expectations
  • Discuss with other Board Chairs how the Cooperative strategic plan, as well as the Board policies regarding the Delegated Responsibilities to the CEO, relate to the alignment of expectations for both the Board Chair and the CEO
The MAC-Ed/LEARN.coop Board Chair Roundtable concludes with a live 90-minute videoconference, where new and experienced Board Chair’s share their experiences in aligning expectations with CEO’s at their co-ops, and also receive questions from ALL participants in the videoconference regarding unique situations they have encountered or desire the advice of others.

January 6–10:  Rick Petty (our speaker) will individually contact every registered participant to setup a personal ZOOM session, where he will demonstrate to each participant individually how to use the MAC-Ed/LEARN.coop online Learning Management System, and to answer any of their questions.

January 10–20: Eleven days of online study with the MAC-Ed/LEARN.coop learning management system, Rick Petty and other currently serving Board Chairs in Ohio, will provide interactive ‘mentoring’ comments as the course participants interact together in online discussion forums. Plan on approximately 2–3 hours of online study during this time period.

January 20: The live 90-minute ZOOM session starts at 1 p.m. (Central time zone) for ALL course participants and will involve panel discussions with currently serving Board Chairs in Ohio, as well as interaction among all participants regarding various issues which were gathered/compiled/’anonymized’ through interactions with the CEO’s in December.

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