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Tuesday, June 4, 2024

The Cooperative Communication Experience

Start Date: 6/4/2024 9:00 AM CDT
End Date: 6/4/2024 4:00 PM CDT

Venue Name: Holiday Inn & Suites

1000 Imperial Avenue
Rothschild, WI  United States  54474

Organization Name: Wisconsin Electric Cooperative Association

Wendy Fassbind
Email: wendy@weca.coop
Phone: (608) 467-4589

Room Block Name:  WECA
Room Block Rate:  $119+/night
Room Block Expires: Monday, May 20
Group Code:  WEC
Room Block Link:  WECA Room Block

The Cooperative Communication Experience
1-3/4 Skill Builder Credits

This program is NOT limited to communications and member services. This is an interactive, values-based training exclusively for cooperatives, focusing on: Member Services, Leadership, Communication, and Team Building

Intentional Experiences
When’s the last time you walked in the shoes of your members? What does service feel like from their perspective and from your perspective? This introductory session will set the ground work for the entire day of humor, interaction, and leaning in to learning more.

The 4 Cs of Customer Service
Social media has given the word “competition” a whole new meaning. And “customers” are no longer just those who buy a product. Toss those old VHS training tapes out the door and let’s discover what member service really is in the here & now.

Behind the Scenes: Customer Communication
Over 90% of communication has nothing to do with the words coming from our mouths. What's much more important than robotic words and phrases are the behind-the-scenes moments. Discover how tone, word choice, and delivery can make or break conversations and learn to turn each moment into a connection opportunity. This session is packed full of laughter and mic drop moments that will have you "talking" for years to come.

FOCUS: Special Cases
Customer service & office communication shouldn’t feel like an emotional boxing match. Certain situations and individuals require our FOCUS. This session gives real-life examples of how to handle and win over your most challenging customers, clients, and team members.

The DOTS of Visual Communication
Sure you’ve heard communication, but have you ever seen it? This 100% hands-on session pairs an eyeopening, laughter-filled Communication Profile with an interactive, hilarious, and immersive communication experience. Participants will see where customer & in-office communication breaks down, where it succeeds, and where improvements can be made. Laugh and learn to be heard an to hear others.

CAPSTONE: Cooperative Journey Map
This communication-in-action session allows participants to take everything they've just experienced and apply it to real-life workplace examples. Together in groups participants will brainstorm issues that need to be repaired and determine what communication tools can be the hammer and nails. Companies have, quite literally, been changed for the better as a result of this session!

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