• Providing scholarships
  • Supporting charitable purposes
  • Funding education projects

For an in-depth 'deep dive' into the Federated Youth Foundation, read the Wisconsin Energy Cooperative News article 'It's the Principle'.


Members are the reason why we exist. We act as a trustee and efficient manager of foundation funds providing for investment growth within a reasonable secure investment policy, receive gifts and donations from individuals and cooperatives and foster statewide education programs.


Promote education of youth through awarding of scholarships and support communities through charitable giving.


We strive to provide services that exceed member expectations. Our core values include accountability, integrity, innovation and commitment to community. We will be good stewards of foundation funds.

The Federated Youth Foundation (FYF) is a Wisconsin nonprofit organization, exempt from federal taxation under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. FYF is here to serve your cooperative, credit union, or mutual organization if operating in the state of Wisconsin. Contributions received from Foundation members are accounted for separately under the name of that cooperative, except for that portion of a contribution the donor places in a general fund, known as the Cooperative Education and Training Fund.

Your cooperative has the right to forfeit its unclaimed funds for use in your community or for worthy statewide causes. Has your cooperative been exercising this right?

If not, the Federated Youth Foundation (FYF) can assist you with the procedure necessary to take advantage of this opportunity, and will, at nominal costs, administer your funds and distribute them at your request for scholarships or charitable purposes.

Federated Youth Foundation is a vehicle for receiving unclaimed property, gifts, and donations from individuals and cooperatives, credit unions, and mutual insurance companies.

The Foundation is governed by a board of seven directors, elected by the membership. Funds are invested with BMO Wealth Management and Homestead Funds. Earnings are used to pay administrative expenses. Remaining earnings are allocated to the Cooperative Education and Training Fund to fund special projects approved by the board to foster statewide cooperative education efforts up to $20,000 AND the rest is allocated to member accounts based on average quarterly balances.


Rob Richard, Executive Director
Federated Youth Foundation
(608) 347-9388 or EMAIL

Mailing Address:
Federated Youth Foundation
222 West Washington Avenue, Suite 680
Madison, WI 53703-2719

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