Electrical safety has long been a very high priority for Wisconsin's electric cooperatives. In addition to each cooperative carrying out its own safety and training programs, the association’s Job Training and Safety (JT&S) program provides in-field and classroom safety training programs for electric cooperative employees. This program, funded by the electric distribution cooperatives, is also supported with financial contributions from Federated Rural Electric Insurance Exchange.
The Wisconsin Electric Cooperative Association contracts with Dairyland Power Cooperative to provide many of the services offered through the JT&S program.  The JT&S program is overseen by a statewide committee of employees, managers, and directors, and the Wisconsin Electric Cooperative Association.  Electrical construction, maintenance, and line operations have the potential to be a dangerous occupation. However, our JT&S program--as well as the diligence and care of our supervisors and employees--have kept on-the-job injuries and accidents low.
Wisconsin electric cooperatives also participate in the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association's national Rural Electric Safety Achievement Program (RESAP). This program strives to promote the highest standards of safety among electric cooperatives and is based on two fundamental guiding principles that are essential to achieving safety excellence:

  1. Safety is embraced as a core value where the actions and decisions of the cooperative reflect a fundamental and unwavering commitment to safety at all levels of the cooperative.
  2. Cooperative leaders and employees take ownership of the systems and processes that create a safe working environment. 
Commitment to safety begins with the top leadership and is based on building a culture of safety at all levels. Participation in RESAP requires:
  • Adoption of the program’s guiding principles.
  • Development of an annual safety improvement plan.
  • A formal safety program assessment every three years conducted by third party reviewers.
  • Ongoing training to help improve organizational safety awareness and safety competencies.
  • Annually, provide safety performance metrics required of participants.

Associate Membership

Associate membership in the Wisconsin Electric Cooperative Association provides a continuing opportunity for providers of goods, services, materials, and equipment to build and maintain networking contacts with Wisconsin's electric co-ops and others with interests and needs related to all aspects of the electric power industry.

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