Minnesota Valley Electric Cooperative, Jordan, Minn.—The Power Engineering Manager position manages and oversees the engineering functions of MVEC. Provides engineering design, planning of MVEC substation, generation and distribution requirements. Develops procedures, plans & specifications along with policies relating to construction, installation and maintenance. Assists with completion
of RUS loan requirements including 219 inspections. Provides or acts as liaison to professional engineering sign-offs on documentation as needed construction.
As a member of the MVEC Leadership Team, the Power Engineering Manager is empowered to lead the day-to-day operations within the engineering department. Leadership Team Members are experts in their areas and suggest the “what’s” and develop/implement the “how’s.” The Leadership Team’s focus is establishing priorities, developing processes, leading by example, and managing resources. The Leadership Team is accountable to the vision, mission, serving MVEC members with a sense of urgency and the Spirit of Our Cooperative.

  • Direct and/or provide engineering services in substation design, generation design for renewable and stand-by generation, and distribution design.  
  • Assist with problem solving and project management (including procurement of quotes and bids). Liaison to engineering consultants.
  • Direct and/or provide engineering as needed in (but not limited to): budgeting, long range plans, construction work plans, sectionalizing studies (relay/recloser settings), arc-flash assessments, load management scheduling, areas related to the National Electric Safety Code, and National Electric Code. Liaison to engineering consultants.
  • Direct and/or provide engineering support services to resolve operational problems on distribution systems.
  • Provide professional engineering expertise to other departments and management for RUS. Review purchasing blankets; assist with specification development and enforcement.
  • Provides personnel orientation/training, coaching, performance evaluations, and disciplinary action/monitoring of staff, including decisions related to reward, transfer, suspension, promotion, or any other necessary disciplinary or commendation-related action.
Education and Experience:
  • Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering with power emphasis – required
  • 7 years of experience in distribution, substation, generation, transmission or planning engineering – required
  • 5 years of supervisor/leadership/project management experience- preferred
  • Professional engineer license- preferred
Required Skills, Abilities, and Licenses:
  • In-depth knowledge of distribution system engineering and planning, construction and operations
  • Familiar with safety codes, Rural Utilities Service (RUS) requirements, and other standards that apply
  • Ability to work with diverse interests and be able to collaborate when making objective decisions
  • Good analytical, interpretative, interpersonal, complex problem-solving and decision-making skills
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Valid MN driver’s license.
Applicant must be committed to providing service beyond members' expectations and lead by example. To apply, please
send your resume to jobs@mvec.net.  Deadline to apply is 3:00 p.m. on Friday, June 25, 2021.

Equal Opportunity Employer

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