Safety First! Farm Wiring Brochure

Many agricultural facilities in the upper Midwest have been aging, and reinvestment in them has been made more difficult due to low milk prices.

Wisconsin's electric cooperatives have stepped up to the plate and created a new farm rewiring financial assistance program for dairy producers.

Dairy farmers who are members of electric cooperatives can apply to their local cooperative for a cost-sharing package to rewire their existing agricultural facilities to meet current electrical code standards. New construction is not eligible.

The process involves an inspection by a state-certified electrical inspector, and application to the cooperative for up to $6,000 (or 20%) in grant funds and up to $24,000 in low-interest loan funds.

The work must be completed by or under the direction of a licensed Master Electrician who has completed the Farm Rewiring Certification. Before final payment is made for the rewiring project, the work must pass a final electrical inspection.

Wisconsin electric cooperatives are offering this financial assistance in order to protect the safety of their members and to help preserve and extend the life of important assets for farmers.

For more information on this program, please contact your local electric cooperative or view their homepage in our Electric Cooperative Members page.

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